We are Neil and Elvis – cousins and your story tellers.

Our families and friends matter most to us and so do our Brides and Grooms. We strive to give our very best at each wedding. Every Wedding Story is unique and we aim to highlight this at every wedding. Our biggest achievement is our continued relationship with our Bride and Groom long after the wedding. Ask any of our past brides and grooms and they will tell you much more

The size of the wedding does not matter, be it a destination wedding, a high-end wedding or an intimate one (Something that seems more prevalent in the covid wedding scenario). It’s the love between the two of you, your families, and your friends that matter most to us and we want to document and highlight that in the most unique, artistic and timeless way.


Husband / Father / Brother

Architect, Project Manager, Artist

Owns Photooneil Architects, Designers, Interiors

Loves sketching and creating concepts

Loves Goa

Loves Travel


Son / Brother

Sous Chef / Entrepreneur

Co-founder of Antojitos

Loves Fishing

Loves Dogs

Loves cooking

We are deeply and truly bound by the passion  for Photography.


Over the span of 15 years, over 200 couples have chosen us to tell their unique love story and now we would be honoured for the opportunity to tell yours. Here are the reasons that couples in the past have entrusting us with their all important day.

* We have separate teams for the bride and groom prep.

* We deliver processed photographs within 4 weeks from the date of your wedding. Sometimes much earlier.

* Acclaimed International Wedding Photographers. Shot weddings in India, UAE, North America and Europe.

* We do not take more that one wedding assignment on a given day. We put in all our resources to make your wedding special.

* We ensure that your family and friends become part of your memories.


Our goal is to make your’re’s a dream wedding. We want our photographs to make you fall in love with each other all over again.

With Vita, the force that works behind the scenes

Neil, Neaa and Nyra

Blast from the past – Nyra, Vita, Neaa & Neil

Mum and Dad at the Faces and Places exhibition, Goa edition

The Fisherman in Elvis

The happy happy family.

Elvis, the Sous Chef can turn anything edible tasty

With the Indian Ambassador at the Faces and Places exhibition, Abu Dhabi edition

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